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Business Operations Specialist at Proscape Landscaping (REMOTE, WORLDWIDE $20/hr)


 Are you a remote business hustler who loves to crush through an always-changing set of special projects? If you thrive working on your computer to organize, problem-solve, and share the workload with a high caliber and fast-paced small business team – and are currently looking to start at 10-20 hours of consistent work per week and then grow to a full-time load down the road – this is the perfect role for you.

This role is simple yet multifaceted. It’s simple in objective: your mission is to offload projects from the CEO and COO and build solutions to run them smoothly. It’s multifaceted because you will manage projects from sales to finance to operations, to scheduling to invoicing to marketing to accounts payable and all the way down to the nitty gritty components of small businesses. Below you will find a detailed description of the initial projects you will lead but rest assured, your list, responsibility, scope, and compensation will increase as you successfully tackle projects. You will report directly to the CEO and work with a small leadership team committed to excellence. This role will initially start with 10-20 hours per week and then grow into a full time “Account Manager and Remote Business Operations” position.



  • Build irrigation proposals in ServiceTitan
  • Every day, our licensed irrigators are in the fields running monthly irrigation inspections from their tablets. These inspections generate a PDF proposal which needs to be converted into a ServiceTitan proposal (ServiceTitan is our project management software that manages proposals, schedules, and invoices.
  • Sales: follow up with customers until a final decision is made
  • Proscape sends numerous maintenance, irrigation, and enhancement proposals to our customers every week. Most of these proposals are approved or rejected by our customers. However, a handful never receive a response. Your job will be to track which proposals do not have a response and enroll those customers in an email sequence so a final decision can be made.
  • Special Projects: organize, execute, and complete
  • There are always a flurry of special projects which need to be designed, executed, and completed. Examples include: organizing our customers by zip code, converting contract information into spreadsheets, and converting voice memo notes into proposals.
  • Communicate weather delays to customers
  • Consistency is one of our core values and customers have come to expect that the same crew will service their property on the same day every week. When we are unable to work due to weather, your job will be to let the affected customers know the plan for when their property will be serviced.
  • Invoicing corrections
  • We send hundreds of invoices each month and inevitably, corrections, credits, and adjustments need to be made in coordination with our CFO.
  • Tolls
  • Monitor our 35 vehicles and ensure timely payment across the three toll services in town.
  • City of Austin Irrigation Audits: manage and schedule the inspector
  • Each one of our properties is required to pass a bi-yearly irrigation inspection. Your job will be to manage and schedule the inspector so each of our customers are inspected and pass the inspection in a timely manner.

We are looking for people with the following attitudes and dispositions:

  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Relentless work ethic
  • Strong desire to learn
  • Fearless disposition when assigned new and challenging projects
  • Radical responsibility
  • Hungry to increase responsibility and compensation
  • Comfort in hearing negative feedback and making adjustments
  • Deep-seated belief that any mess can be cleaned, organized, and managed

Job Requirements;

  • If you posses the above attitudes, very few additional requirements exist
  • Reliable and high speed internet connection
  • 2 hours of overlap between 7:00 am – 4:00 pm CDT
  • Work at least 4 week days/week

Method of Application;


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