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Data Production Interns at Stears


Stears is an intelligence startup of 25+ people using data to answer questions about Africa. Our mission is to become the world’s most trusted provider of African data & insight to global businesses, finance and policy professionals. We make this possible by integrating all our intelligence (news & analysis, proprietary data, aggregated public data, licensed data, forecasts and reports) into a searchable platform, complemented by a rich mobile experience. Our customers currently pay for access to Stears’ intelligence through a web platform, that includes daily insight and data. Our experts are always ready to answer client data questions about any sector, market or African country.

The Role

  • Why it’s important: High quality data and insights are the core value that Stears provides to its customers.
  • It empowers our customers to make important decisions about their organisation’s strategy and where and how they should invest in Africa.
  • This role is focused on producing that essential data that our customers need.
  • The Data Production team handles the data collection, data cleaning, data wrangling, and data automation process at Stears. We are also responsible for conducting QA checks on all data inputs.

Example Data production projects:

  • Collecting raw data needed to feed the inflation forecast model 
  • Using a variety of excel formulas to check for irregularities in large FX datasets, brainstorming/problem solving to determine how to deal with said irregularities
  • Cleaning historical FX data for various countries when expanding the FX Monitor 
  • Automating the daily collection of FX rates from different countries central bank websites for the FX Monitor 

What it includes: As a Data Production Intern, your mission is to find, gather, and synthesise data for a variety of intelligence solutions. This includes research, data wrangling, data cleaning, data visualisation and data analysis. You will work on an exciting range of intelligence solutions, spanning price trackers, proprietary forecasts, and macroeconomic data for countries across the continent. 


Your day-to-day activities could include:

  • Scouring the internet to find useful, reliable data points and datasets
  • Extracting/scraping data from PDF documents, websites, and other sources
  • Conduct diagnostic data analysis to identify inconsistencies, errors or discrepancies  in large datasets 
  • Cleaning, combining, and analysing datasets
  • Producing beautiful, interactive data visualisations

We are looking for someone who has:

  • Availability to begin work in February
  • Training in Data Science, Statistics, econometrics or Mathematics
  • A self-starter attitude and the ability to quickly learn on-the-job, including teaching yourself new skills when needed
  • 1-2 years of experience creating and analysing data using tools like Google Sheets (formulas and pivot tables), Python, SQL, QGIS/ArcGIS, PowerBI, Tableau, PDF scraping software, etc.
  • Knowledge in economics and finance (beginner/intermediate)  
  • Passion for data visualisation and making data insights easy to understand

Key responsibilities:

  • Conduct research to find useful, reliable information sources
  • Collect, clean, combine, and organise datasets
  • Assess and quantify data quality problems (training will be provided) 
  • Analyse datasets to derive insights
  • Create data visualisations (training will be provided in Flourish)

Method of Application;


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